Other E&M System Installation

Apart from MVAC system and low voltage electrical system, our Group also engages in the supply, installation and maintenance of the following systems:


- Fire services system, which refers to fire prevention,  detection,  suppression  and extinguishing systems. Fire services system normally comprises a  fire  services  control panel, fire detector and alarm system, sprinkler, fire hydrant and hose reel, smoke control, portable hand operated appliances and gas extinguishing  systems,  emergency  lighting, audio and visual advisory system.


- Plumbing and drainage system, the plumbing system of a building provides clean and stable water supply for occupants, including fresh water for drinking, cooking and washing purposes and seawater/fresh water for flushing system, and the functioning  of  the  fire service system. The drainage system of the building provides the removal of waste water and rainwater through the drainage system into the city’s sewage system. A typical plumbing and drainage system of a building comprises pipework, valves, pumps and tanks.